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Making an offer

You thought this day would never come. You've found the perfect home. Now you're ready to make your offer.

Your Sales Representative will communicate the offer, sometimes known as an Offer to Purchase, to the seller, or the seller's representative, on your behalf. Sometimes there may be more than one offer on a property. Your Sales Representative will guide you through this process as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Once accepted, an Offer to Purchase is a legally binding agreement between you and the vendor. Along with your mortgage agreement, this is one of the most important documents you'll sign.

It locks you into the conditions of the purchase, so make sure your interests are protected by discussing your Offer to Purchase with your lawyer or notary prior to signing.

Checklist: What to include in your home offer

  • Your proposed purchase price.
  • A list of items in the house to be included in the purchase price. (i.e appliances, window coverings, and certain furniture items might be negotiated into the purchase price)
  • Amount of your deposit.
  • Financial details. For example, how the balance of the purchase price will be paid.
  • Closing date. This is the date you will take possession of the house (usually 30 or 60 days from the date of the agreement).
  • Time period for which the offer is valid.
  • Conditions of the offer. You might want to make your offer conditional on arranging for financing, a building inspection, or the results of a survey.

Make sure the offer can be cancelled if any of your conditions are not met and always put a time limit on the conditions. Keep in mind that a firm offer – one with no conditions – is usually more attractive to the vendor. But remember that you need to feel comfortable with the offer yourself.